Clubs and Groups


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Garden Club – We learn the art of flower arranging; growing herbs/flowers from seeds; maintain the patio garden; make other types of arrangements for the various holidays. We also paint vases and flower pots to sell as a fund raiser.

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Interact Interact is a vital resource for the greater Bow community, and many organizations rely on our help. Through our work on community-based projects, Interactors sharpen leadership skills, and learn the value of hard work. All Club members are expected to attend all Club meetings, and to participate in the Club’s fundraising and service activities. Interact Club is a branch of the Rotary Club. Membership is on an application basis in September of every year.

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Kindness Club – The Bow Kindness Club is a student driven organization to make Bow High School a little more pleasant by conducting uplifting campaigns, activities, and projects. To build self-esteem and help raise school morale by showing every person in our school that he or she really can make a difference and to bring everyone at our school together in a cooperative, caring way.

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Peer Outreach - is a community-oriented club with a focus on promoting healthy lifestyle, planning and leading school and community events (including, but not limited to, pep rallies, community Halloween Night, Red Ribbon Week, Compliments Week, Bowlympics), building relationships within the school and growing leadership, organizational, and communication skills.

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NHS - National Honor Society is an organization that stresses four pillars; Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. We participate in many community service events and offer peer tutoring. Junior students need a 3.5 GPA and 20 hours of community service to qualify to apply in August preceding their junior year. Rising Seniors need a 3.5 GPA and 30 hours of community service in order to apply in August preceding their Senior year.

Student Government

Class Office: Class office is a group of elected students working together with corresponding class advisors to provide a means for gradewide expression and assistance. Class officers serve as representatives of their grade: gaining experience in leadership, learning student advocacy, and promoting citizenship, human relations, the core values of BHS, and more.

Student Government- Elections for student senate and class office are in the fall for grade 9 and in the spring for grades 10-12.

Student Senate: The student senate is a group of elected students (4 people per grade) who serve as a liaison between administration and students. Projects include school policy change, improving parking lot traffic flow, and creating a proposal form to gather ideas from the student body.


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ASL Club -We will be learning American Sign Language communication skills. Using a practical approach we will gain vocabulary, expressive language and receptive language skills. This includes knowledge of the culture within the Deaf Community, as it plays a major role in communication.

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French Club: French Club meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month during Flex time.

We spend our meetings doing French crafts, cooking & playing French games. Anyone is welcome to join!

Spanish Club Icon

Spanish Club - The Spanish club provides great opportunities for students to explore the culture of the Spanish speaking world and participate in international community service. We meet every other Monday at 7:50 AM starting October 17 and would love to have you join our group.

Societas Latinitatis Rami Gymnasii (The Society of Latinness of Bow High School...formerly known as "Latin Club"!)- McKilen-- Our mission is to encourage academic and artistic excellence in the Classics and to foster a passionate, knowledgeable, and quirky Latin community at Bow High School. We do things like create a yearly club magazine (Nihil Sub Sole Novum) for arts, commentary and news related to Latin and Classics, make food from ancient recipes and feast in the manner of the Greeks and Romans, have trivia contests (certamina), and watch bad old movies based on Greco-Roman myths and make fun of them. Join us!


Jewelry Club- Learn Basic Jewelry Making Skills - Learn to make beaded earrings, necklaces, and bracelets while having fun with friends. Jewelry can make great gifts for your friends and family, too! Plus, it is a great life long skill to learn to make some extra money or just as a hobby!

National Art Honor Society- Expand your knowledge and creativity in the arts by being a part of the National Art Honor Society! We are looking for artists who are serious about growing and improving their work, as well as elevating the arts within our community. Students will work on building a portfolio and continuously making work to put into it, while creating art for our community! Please see Ms. Markmanrud if you are interested in applying!

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Performing Arts - Tri M, the music honor society, meets monthly before school and will have new members inducted each spring. See Ms. Rockenhauser for details. Pep band is now open to all students interested in joining, and will rehearse some Fridays during flex time leading up to big games.

Pottery With a Purpose -Pottery With a Purpose provides great opportunities for students to express and explore their creativity. Our goal is to make an inclusive and fun environment, and expand the art department here at Bow. We will be exploring art through a variety of projects, which we do for fundraisers. Everyone is welcome to come when they can, we hope to see you there!

Taters improv -McKilen--We are BHS's funniest Improv Comedy Team! Inspired by Whose Line Is It Anyway? and Best in Show, we perform monthly shows to benefit student groups and charitable causes.

Math, Science and Robotics

Environmental Conservation Club- ECC is a community service oriented, student-driven club that organizes conservation, community clean-up, and environmental awareness initiatives. ECC members volunteer to collect the recycling generated at BHS, as it would otherwise end up in the trash.

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Math Team - Math Team allows students of varying ability levels that enjoy mathematics to compete individually and as a team in a variety of math themed events. These themes included problems from Recreational Math, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Advanced Mathematics, and a Team Round.


VEX Robotics Team The BowBots VEX Robotics Club gives students the opportunity to design, build, program, and drive robots using the VEX V5 platform. No previous experience is required. There are multiple competitions during the school year for those who participate in a team.

Check out our website by clicking here!

Special Interests

3D print Club - Sam Dixon: Explore 3D printing! Design your own creations, then print them on the Makerbot Replicator. No experience needed!

Best Buddies: is a student-run friendship club, which creates buddy pairs between students with and without disabilities. Best Buddies helps to create an inclusive school environment for students and a community culture of acceptance. It is dedicated to ensuring everyone has the opportunity to have friends. Group activities are planned by the club, and are held both in and outside of school. As a matched member you should contact your buddy at least once a week, by talking in school, on the phone, texting or emailing. Also buddy pairs should make plans to get together twice a month outside of school. If you like having fun, and hanging out with friends, this is the club for you!

Book Club Icon

Book Club: Book Club meets the third Tuesday of each month during Flex in the Learning Commons. Each month, we will do literary trivia games, discuss all things literature, and enjoy snacks and good company. Please see Mrs. Aubin or Mr. Dixon for more information.

Destination Imagination Team - Team of two to seven creative problem solvers choose a challenge (fine arts, science, improv, etc), prepares their solution, and competes at the regional Destination Imagination competition in March with the possibility of advancing to the state competition in April and global finals in May. If athletics are not your thing, but you still want that TEAM experience, DI could be for you. Teams need a mix of talents to be successful. And being part of Destination Imagination can be a highlight of your college/career applications, in addition to a fantastic HS memory.

Dungeons and Dragons: Welcome Adventurers! Roll some dice and see what happens as you explore worlds of magic and mystery! Dungeons and Dragons club welcomes all students, and no experience is necessary (we can even provide the dice!). Dungeons and Dragons club meets Thursdays after school from 3:00-4:30pm in the Learning Commons.

Ethics Circle- McKilen--Ethics Circle is a program sponsored by Saint Anselm College which

aims to provide students an opportunity to learn principles for collaborative discourse and apply those values to discussions of ethical issues. Once a semester we invite a special guest from outside of BHS to join us for one of our conversations and take an annual field trip to Saint A's. Join us every other Wednesday during Flex!

FCA- Fellowship of Christian Athletes, or FCA, is a student led global organization designed to discuss relevant student issues, such as stress and relationships, in the context of the Christian Faith. Students who attend do not have to be Christians or athletes, the group is open to everyone. Meetings are focused on building friendships with others through games and discussions.

Fireside Reviews - Reviewing all sorts of films from many franchises such as Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fireside Reviews records breakdowns of movies, scenes and trailers every other week on Tuesdays in the Media Lab. Videos are recorded, edited and uploaded to YouTube on the Fireside Reviews channel. If your interests lie in the realm of pop culture, movies, editing, filmmaking, tech or reviewing, Fireside has a position to offer.

Granite State Challenge Icon

Granite State Challenge - Michelle Hlavaz: Granite State Challenge is a competitive quiz team that represents Bow High School against the other high schools in NH on NHPTV. New members are welcome! Email for information. Our first round of competition is in November. The season ends in early January when taping is complete. All grades welcome!

GSA- This club meets to support our community at BHS, plan advocacy projects and discuss current events issues that impact the LGBTQ+ community. All are welcome!

Harry Potter Club -Roll some dice and see what happens! Play some Quidditch, learn some spells, talk about the books! Join us every-other Friday in the Media Lab, and look for special events.

Harvard Model United Nations - At Harvard Model United Nations, delegates gain insight into the workings of the United Nations and the dynamics of international relations by assuming the role of world leaders and international decision makers. The art of diplomacy is a skill that we will continually practice and strengthen. Applications are accepted in October.

Hood and Jesses: Live your dreams, and become the characters you've only imagined. Join our Live Action Role Play club and let your imaginations soar! Mondays 3-5 in room 1311.

Talon Talk TV: Join the BHS morning news team! We're always looking for creative and motived students to help us produce our morning news show!

Teen Activist Group- TAG was started in order to give a voice to young people who are interested in politics. It gives a voice to people who can’t vote (18 year old high school seniors are still allowed in the club even though they technically can vote), and also aims to eradicate issues that the clubs decides to tackle. In the club we plan to choose events to participate in, such as going to election rallies to question representatives from a teen perspective, attending protests, leading school-wide strikes/protests, creating fundraisers to support organizations that are fighting for policies we support, running social media to spread awareness and interest to other people outside of our school, and making bulletin boards, videos, or announcements in order to educate other people in our school about the issues we’re advocating for.

Falcon Vision Icon

The Falcon Vision- The Falcon Vision is Bow High School’s student literary publication. It is published multiple times a year by students and includes poems, stories, photographs, articles, and artwork. The goal of The Falcon Vision is to shine the spotlight on great writing and artwork produced at BHS.

Yearbook Icon

Yearbook : Students should email for information. Anybody that is interested can join - come learn about publishing, photography, layout, captioning and meeting deadlines Bring a camera (phone okay!) if you have one. Meetings are the first and third Wednesdays of the month during Flex.


Adventure Club Lots accomplished in our short meetings! Adventure Club is a combination of an outing club and environmental service club. We would like to plan an activity at least once each quarter.

Athletics Icon

Athletics Program Bow High School has a variety of sports.

Fall Season Winter Season Spring Season

Cross Country Basketball Baseball

Field Hockey Ice Hockey Lacrosse

Football Nordic Skiing Softball

Golf Swimming Tennis

Soccer Wrestling Track & Field

Spirit Spirit

Bass Fishing Alpine Skiing

Indoor Track

Click here for the Bow High School Athletics website

Ping Pong- Every Tuesday and Friday during flex, students are able to come together to hone their table tennis skills. The club offers a space for beginners to learn how to play, and for advanced players to partake in competitive game play.


SALC Student Athletic Leadership Council – Mr. Desilets: All members of the student-athlete leadership council should excel academically, live a chemical-free lifestyle, display good sportsmanship, serve as leader/role model in the community, and be responsible for promoting the NHIAA’s Life of an Athlete Program in the Bow School District. This includes developing the leadership skills of our membership as well as the student body, promoting safe and appropriate school spirit, decreasing the number of students participating in illegal activities, mentoring younger student-athletes, and promoting healthy lives through fitness and nutrition. Overall, the student-athlete leadership council serves as the connection between students and athletes at Bow High School.

Volleyball - If you are interested in learning more about Volleyball and learning the fundamentals of volleyball this is the club for you.

Weight Room - Sean Doherty During the fall and winter months, the weight room will be open every Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 3-4pm. The weight room is open for anyone who is not an in-season athlete and is looking to get some exercise in after school! You can stay for as long or as little as you wish depending on what works for your schedule. All abilities and experience levels are welcome! I am in the weight room to help you with whatever you need: whether that be advice on your lifting form or ideas for exercises to do. Make sure you bring appropriate clothing and footwear.