Our intention at Bow High School is to challenge each student academically. Some students, however, may wish to challenge themselves beyond the general curriculum requirements. For these students, Bow High School will offer an honors option. Students may choose to complete an honors option in any course not designated Advanced Placement. Upon successful completion of honors option requirements, students will receive an honors designation on their academic records.

Honors Option Requirements

Students selecting the honors option must complete the following requirements:

1. develop an honors option plan with the classroom teacher, detailing a timeline of activities the student will engage in throughout the semester and as part of their honors option requirement;

2. Students and teachers will select one or more activities to complete from the following list:

a. selected readings,

b. interdisciplinary projects,

c. problem-solving or inquiry-based projects,

d. development and/or public presentation of one’s work and/or

e. in-depth and expanded study of specific curricular areas;

3. complete a learning journal of outside reading assignments and other learning activities associated with the honors option;

4. demonstrate leadership qualities in the classroom;

5. demonstrate self-direction and motivation as a learner, as well as exemplary work habits;

6. demonstrate mastery of fundamental concepts; and

7. complete a self-evaluation.

Process for Selecting the Honors Option

Students interested in the honors option should meet with teachers within the first two weeks of the start of the semester to develop their honors option plan. At that time, students will discuss specific requirements, ideas, and a timeline with their instructors. Students should continue to meet with their teachers a minimum of four times throughout the semester to keep teachers informed of progress. Students may choose at any time, to terminate their honors option study. Termination will have no impact on course grades; students will simply not receive the honors designation on their academic records. A panel of two or more teachers will meet to evaluate and assess students’ progress and honors option requirements. The panel of teachers will determine whether students have successfully completed the honors option requirements initially outlined in the original plan