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Fall Packet 2015-2016

55 Falcon Way Bow, New Hampshire 03304-4219

Phone (603) 228-2210 Fax (603) 228-2212

July 20, 2015

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,


Summer Greetings!  Though there are still many days and weeks ahead to enjoy summer activities with family and friends, we are sending out the 2015 Fall Packet well in advance of the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year to allow ample time for planning and preparation. This packet is being sent to all BHS families electronically, and can also be found on our new BHS website address: http://bhs.bownet.org


Though most our correspondence now takes place electronically, there are still paper forms that will need to be submitted for a variety of purposes.  These forms can be reviewed electronically and printed at home, or stop by Bow High School where we will have extra copies available in the main lobby.  We will also place additional copies of these forms at the Baker Free Library.


Preparations for the new school year have been taking place since the conclusion of the past school year, when Bow High School was recognized as the 2015 School of Excellence. As our student population continues to grow, we feel very fortunate to welcome outstanding new faculty and staff members to Bow High School, as well as new district-wide employees. While each academic year brings with it growth and change, this year our ninth grade students will benefit from our inaugural 1:1 Chromebook initiative. Included in this packet is additional information about this initiative.


While parking forms and athletic forms will need to be turned in earlier, all other completed forms should be turned in by students during advisory period on the first day of school, which is Monday, August 31, 2015, which will be a Monday schedule (periods 1-8).


The links and checklist to information included for this 2015 Fall Packet is provided below:

This must be updated annually for all families and submitted to Leslie Bean, BHS School Nurse. Please also make sure that your Infinite Campus 

contacts have been updated. You can make changes by request on the portal.

Must be completed by all Freshmen and New Students.

Please familiarize yourself with general student information and school policies, as we continue to make changes to our Student Handbook. In 

addition, the Student Handbook contains a useful reference and resource section, as well as a calendar planner that we encourage students to utilize. 

Each BHS student will receive a hard copy of the Student Planner on the first day of school.

Will be held during the first week of school for students and faculty, on Friday, September 4th. All students are required to have their pictures taken on 

that day for campus security purposes, as all students are expected to keep their ID cards with them while on campus.

Please review the eligibility criteria listed on the Open Campus form closely.

In order to be eligible to receive a Parking Permit, all previous fees must be paid in full. Parking permits are only issued to eligible SeniorsJuniors, 

and Sophomores. Parking Permits are not issued to FreshmenSophomores and Freshmen are not permitted to arrive late, leave early, or leave campus 

during the school day at any time (excluding medical and other appointments). Eligible Sophomores will be issued Parking Permits after eligible Seniors 

and Juniors have had the opportunity to apply for Parking Permits.

Eligible Juniors and Seniors applying for Parking Permits must also submit their signed Early Release/Late Arrival forms in order to receive a 

Parking Permit. Seniors will be issued parking permits during the week of Aug. 17 – 21 (and after). Juniors will be issued parking permits on 

a ‘first come, first served’ basis, beginning Monday Aug. 24.  

Students must have a current NH driver’s license and vehicle registration (of the car they will be driving) with them when submitting a Parking    

Permit application. Students are required to maintain academic and behavioral eligibility each quarter in order to be eligible for the privilege of Late Arrival/Early Release.

    I am really looking forward to the upcoming school year, with many new faces and exciting initiatives that will serve to further enhance the outstanding teaching and learning that takes place at Bow High School every year. I hope each of your summer days that remain are better than the last.

    Rest, relax and rejuvenate! See you soon!

    Best regards,

    Dr. John House-Myers

    Principal, Bow High School