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Competencies by Department

B.E.S.T. (Building Essential skills for Tomorrow)

Trending Issues in Health and Wellness

Humanities Courses (core)

Studies in the Humanities 9
American Studies 10
World Studies 11
Senior Seminar

Humanities Elective Courses  

AP English literature and composition  
AP English Language and composition
Creative Writing 
Online Creative Writing  
Advanced Writing
Introduction to Writing
Poetry Workshop  
Public Presentations
Film Critique
Film Making 
Food & Literature
Women's Studies
20th Century
AP United States History 
AP European History  
AP Macroeconomics

F.A.C.S. (Family and Consumer Science Courses)

World Language Courses

P.O.E. (Principles of Engineering

Science Courses
IST 9 (Integrated Science and Technology 9)
IST 10 (Integrated Science and Technology 10)
Advanced Placement Chemistry
Advanced Placement Physics
Advanced Placement biology
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Environmental Science
Biotechnology IBiotechnology II