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Parent Teacher Conference Wizard - opens October 7 - closes November 6 at noon

posted Oct 6, 2015, 7:51 AM by Martha Rae   [ updated Oct 6, 2015, 10:16 AM ]

Parent/Teacher Conferences will take place on November 9 and November 10.  As always, these days are meant for short updates (no more than 15 minutes with each teacher/team). 

We are pleased to inform you that we will be using our on-line program which allows you to schedule your own appointments with your child's teachers.  The system works on a  first come, first served basis.  You can access the website by going to http://bhs.ptcwizard.com or clicking on the PTC Wizard icon.  It is important that you have your child's schedule with teachers available prior to logging on to the wizard as the two data bases are not connected.  Decide on what teachers you need to meet with and then schedule your appts.  Please bring your schedule with you on conference day as we will not have them printed for you.  If you are having troubles with the program operating correctly please try a different web browser.  The parent user guide is attached below.

If your child is on a team (all freshmen and sophomores) or is currently in World Studies (all juniors), it is important that you book that group/team of teachers as one conference and not individually.  Here are the teams as they appear in the wizard:

Grade 9:  AM Humanities, IST 9, BEST 9 - Derek DeAngelis, Erin Magoon, Dan Calder, Cliff Chulada
Grade 9:  PM Humanities, IST 9, BEST 9 - Gina Degregorio-Aubin, Dave Raynard, Laurel Swope-Bush, Chris Raabe

Grade 10:  AM American Studies, IST 10, BEST 10 - Angel Burke, Brenda Barth, Drew Groves, Christine Bourque
Grade 10:  PM American Studies, IST 10, BEST 10 - Cathy Knowles, Kristina Brown, Amanda DiLeo-Guilbert, Ben Forbes

Grade 11:  World Studies (Period 1-2) - Michelle Hlavaz, Nick Watson
Grade 11:  World Studies (Period 3-4, Period 7-8) - Anne Barnea, Lily Woo

Once you schedule your appointments you can modify/cancel them by clicking on the view/modify my itinerary icon within the wizard.  To make a change create a new appointment and then cancel the old appointment (don't forget to cancel the old one!).  You can also ask the system to resend your email confirmation by selecting the email me my itinerary icon.  Or simply print your itinerary by selecting the print my itinerary link.
Martha Rae,
Oct 6, 2015, 8:35 AM